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    Traffic in Rome

    Traffic in Rome center

    ztl romaTraffic is limited in most of central Rome, usually in week days, and on Friday and Saturday nights.

    ZTL Roma

    ZTL Roma

    “ZTL” (Zona a Traffico Limitato)signs mark the entry points to these areas which are overlooked cameras.The times when traffic is limited are written on the signs, showing when only local residents and special permit holders are allowed to circulate.


    varco attivo ZTL Roma

    Luminous signs indicate when a ZTL area is closed to traffic (VARCO ATTIVO)

    The luminous displays indicates whether the area is currently closed “VARCO ATTIVO” or if traffic is permitted there, “VARCO NON ATTIVO”

    The main area (east of the Tiber) with limited traffic can be bypassed via the Colosseum, Termini Station, the “Muro Torto” northwards near Villa Borghese, along the River Tiber, via Piazza Bocca della Verità, the Circus Maximus, and around the Palatine hill.
    Furhtermore, the Trastevere district, west of the Tiber is also provided with ZTL, as Testaccio, San Lorenzo and Monti.


    See the map of ZTL limited traffic areas and times:


    mappa ztl roma

    Map of ZTL zones with timetables


    Parking in Rome

    Regarding parking, “blue” lines generally indicate you have to pay to park (metered). Parking spaces marked by white lines may be subject to time limits, but are free.Yellow parking places are reserved for special purposes: for the disabled, police, etc…

    It is generally difficult to find a parking spot. Nevertheless, along the Lungotevere (along the river), it is frequently found.
    On Friday and Saturday nights, traffic in the center is dense and slow and parking is extremely difficult to find.


    Rome by Car

    Vehicles registered outside Italy are more likely to be broken into. So do avoid leaving stuff inside, and it is better to remove the parcel shelf to show that the trunk is empty.



    In case of an accident causing any potential injuries, by law you must call the (local) police or the Carabinieri to make their observations.


    Emergency phone numbers :

    • Police : 113
    • Carabiniers (gendarmes) : 112
    • Firemen : 115
    • Ambulance : 118


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