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    St. Peter’s Square

    Place Saint-Pierre de Rome

    Place Saint-Pierre de Rome

    This square, surrounded by a majestic quadruple colonnade displays the largest church of the Christian world: St. Peter’s Basilica (Basilica di San Pietro).

    It is also the heart of Vatican City, the smallest state in the world, which was in antiquity occupied by Nero’s circus and gardens, where many Christians, including St. Peter were martyred.

    In the center of this 320 meter-wide piazza stands an Egyptian obelisk brought to Rome by Caligula in 37 AD.

    In 1656 Bernini began building the quadruple colonnade of 284 columns in 88 rows, which according to the artist symbolize the “gathering of Christendom.”
    From two points in the square which are marked on the ground by a stone, the four concentric rings of of columns visually merge into one.

    The balustrade supported by the columns is decorated with 140 statues of saints. The huge door of the basilica is framed by statues of Saint Peter and Saint Paul.


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    Place Saint-Pierre

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