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    Going out in Rome. Its Neighborhoods, Bars and Nightclubs

    Going out in Rome : bars

    Campo dei Fiori, evening

    The rendez-vous for youth, the neighborhoods, bars and clubs

    From early evening until 2 am

    The Roman youth and not so young too gather in many places in Rome. Among these, one of the most popular in the center is Campo dei Fiori.
    Some neighborhoods have many bars and pubs, usually open until 2 am, like in Trastevere, especially with the little bar San Callisto, minimal but very welcoming, near Santa Maria in Trastevere.There is plenty of choice for having a drink in the Navone district (consider, for its style Caffé della Pace, in Via della Pace, and Bar del Fico, in Piazza del Fico) but also the Rione Monti area (around Piazza Madonna dei Monti), the area next to the Colosseum or around the Pantheon too (see map below).

    Bars à Rome

    Districts with bars (click to enlarge)

    More eccentric, and less touristy, are the other areas frequented by the Roman and student youth: the neighborhoods of San Lorenzo and of the Pigneto (see map below).
    The student area, San Lorenzo, is full of bars, various pubs, some with live music. This area is located northeast, relatively far from the center but still close to Termini Station.

    Another district, Pigneto, young and popular, is full of bars, night bars, pubs and small clubs.



    Before and after 2 am

    Dancing in Rome, clubs and bars

    Dancing in Rome, clubs and bars

    After 2 am, clubs and night bars: Some are dotted around Piazza Navona (La Maison, La Cabala, Shari Vari) and the Pantheon, but most are located in the Testaccio neighborhood, around the hill, and in the Pigneto area.
    See this site for a list
    We highlight three clubs offering good live music in general: Circolo degli Artisti near Pigneto with a concert hall and a large, well furnished outdoor area; Angelo Mai in the same style, though a little smaller and more popular, L’Asino che Vola near Metro line A, which is a nice club inside.


    Other clubs


    Social Centers

    Self-managed spaces that host numerous events, concerts and soirées.

    • Forte Prenestino
    • Brancaleone
    • Angelo Mai
    • etc


    More informations


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