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    Connections between Rome and Fiumicino and Ciampino Airports

    Connections between Rome and Fiumicino Airport, Leonardo da Vinci

    • Express train between Fiumicino (Leonardo Da Vinci) Airport and Termini Station

      Every half hour from about 6:00 am to 10:30 pm, by “Leonardo” express.Ticket: about € 14, journey: 35 minutes.

    • Regional Train

      Serving several stations between the airport and Termini station and beyond, such as Trastevere, Ostiense and Tuscolana stations, its’ the FM1 line.

      Fiumicino-Tusolana : 8€, 45min
      f you leave from the Trastevere neighborhood or nearby, this is the easiest and fastest way to reach the airport (and vice versa).
      From Tuscolana Station (45 min) you can reach the underground line (serving among others, Termini Station). The Ponte Lungo subway station is then located about 200 meters from the Tuscolana train station.

    • Shuttle Buses

      Bus aéroport de Rome Fiumico et Ciampino

      Panneau arret de bus

      To reach Termini station, shuttle buses depart every half hour during the day.The journey takes about one hour. The ticket price is a maximum of € 8.
      Some companies have other stops :

      • Bus Shuttle de SIT stops at Piazza Cavour (Quartier de Saint-Pierre), then Termini station.
        For timetable and booking  :
        SIT Bus Shuttle Rome
      • Terravision connect Termini Station to Fiumicino airport.
        Timetable and booking :
        Terravision rome aéroport
      • Atral-Schiaffini connect Termini to Fiumicino airport
        Timetable, informations :
        Bus atral Schiaffini, aéroport Fiumicino et Ciampino
      •  T.A.M. connect Fiumicino to Termini, stopping at the Ostiense station
        Timetable and booking :
        Bus TAM Fiumicino Ostiense Termini Roma
      • La compagnie départementale COTRAL propose diverses liaisons, dont nocturnes entre Fiumicino, la gare Termini, le gare Tiburtina et autres : station de métro A Cornelia, station de métro B EUR Magliana.
        Informations :

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    • Taxi

      Rates are set, the cost is displayed.


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    Connections between Rome and Ciampino Airport

    • Direct Bus

      Buses connect Campino Airport directly to the center of Rome (Termini): Tickets are from € 4 to about € 8, maximum.
      Companies : Terravision, SIT Bus Shuttle, COTRAL …

      Companies informations :

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    • Bus and Subway

      This is the fastest in rush hour (in the airport -> city center direction) and the most economical.

      To reach the city center from the airport, go to Anagnina subway station by bus: departures from there are every fifteen minutes during the day (€ 1.20).
      From the station, subway line A crosses Rome leading, among others, to Termini Station and to the Vatican (Ticket: € 1.50).The metro closes at midnight or 1 am depending on the day.
      To reach the airport from the city center, take the metro line A (direction Anagnina) to Anagnina station, the terminus.
      From the bus station near the Anagnina subway station, buses leave about every 20 minutes for Ciampino Airport.It takes 35 minutes to reach the airport which is the end of ride (ticket € 1.20). They are circular lines.

    • Taxi

      Rates are set, the cost is displayed.


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