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    A weekend in Rome

    To discover Rome in 2 days, we offer a somewhat exhaustive list of sites. Knowing that to appreciate it is useless to run around the Eternal City, you are even advised to take a bit of a stroll from time to time.

    First day

    Ancient Rome and the historic center

    • The Colosseum and the Roman Forum (close to half a day)
    • Capitol Hill, possibly its museums
    • he pantheon and the area in which the Trevi Fountain is
    • The Spanish Steps and possibly Piazza del Popolo
    • If you have time, visit Piazza Navona, close enough to the pantheon, and try to go to Campo dei Fiori, near Piazza Farnese, possibly for a drink.
    • In the evening, and if you have time, try Trastevere, always nice although increasingly touristy.It is nice to spend the evening there.

    Second day

    Baroque and renaissance

    • St. Peter’s Square and Basilica, the Vatican Museums with the Sistine Chapel (a good half day)
    • Castel Sant’Angelo and the historic heart around Piazza Navona, Campo dei Fiori and Piazza Farnese
    • If you have time, see the Bocca della Verità and the Tiber Island.


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